Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Breakfast Menu Ideas and Trends

Research has shown that breakfast has many health benefits, making it the most important meal of the day. Breakfast eaters have lower risk of being overweight and developing the health complications that come with obesity. Starting the day with a meal improves cognitive processes and prevents overeating later in the day. With the recent rise in health awareness, and the tighter budget of potential customers, it is appropriate that from 2005 to 2010 breakfast accounted for 60% of the increase in US restaurant traffic growth. Breakfast staples tend to cost less, for the customer and the business, since the ingredients are simple and inexpensive. By placing thoughtful focus on breakfast menu items, a business can increase its appeal and traffic flow.

Market studies discovered that the top US breakfast foods are cold and hot cereals, toast, bananas, pancakes, breakfast meats (such as bacon and sausages), and eggs. Businesses can put a trendy twist on these classics to spice up their menus. Current culinary trends include an awareness of healthy eating, ethnic cuisine, and putting a twist on familiar dishes. Additionally, breakfast foods are now becoming all-day foods, so offering them all day long, and as both sweet and savory meal options, can make a restaurant's menu stand out.

Fresh produce, whole grains, and any other nutritious options are a great addition to a business' breakfast menu because they will attract health-conscious customers whom might not otherwise dine out. Many international breakfast items include an array of vegetables, automatically adding a healthy aspect to the dish. Breakfast burritos are a great example. It is a twist on the Mexican burrito. It is essentially a wrap filled with different vegetables and eggs. It is a combination of the three major culinary trends mentioned above, while also including eggs, which are already a top US breakfast choice. Other good menu item options include Shakshouka and huevos rancheros, both international egg dishes containing vegetables. Finding ways to alter traditional breakfast menu items to make them interesting will compel customers to order. Stuffed French toast, savory French toast, and sweet and savory crepes are just a few items that potential diners would probably prefer to order out than attempt to prepare at home.

Breakfast menus provide ample opportunity for chefs to showcase their creativity and adaptability to modern trends and fashions. The decline in the US economy has led the population to dine out less often. However, it may have also influenced customers to choose to order breakfast foods. Breakfast remains a cheap, quick, and therefore justifiable meal for consumers to dine out. By sprucing up breakfast menus, businesses and diners both win.